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Lesson Rooms Always clean and free from clutter. Soundproofed and supplied with brand new or professional gear. Cramped and/or messy rooms. Noise and distractions from other lessons. Old or second-hand gear.
Live Band Room Fully equipped and ready for jamming. Most studios and home teachers don’t even have band rooms.
Waiting Area Comfortable furniture, magazines, separate Warm-Up Room, free WiFi internet, children’s toys. Either no waiting room at all or lacking in most amenities.
Reception Area Full-time staff ready to assist you. No staff in reception at all.
Decor Professional, cool and fun. A relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for people of all ages. Not much thought put into this.
Payment Convenient and reliable Bill-Pay. No confusion, no late fees and no hassles. Studio responsible for rates and one rate for all students. Studios have teachers set rates. Confusion on what to pay and when. Possibility of late fees and hassles.
Instructors Teacher experience includes national and international touring, writing, recording and publishing. ‘Real World’ experience is joined with patience and a love of teaching. Good quality teachers, but some with little experience outside of the classroom.
Summer Months Regular lesson times available during the summer months in our comfortable, air-conditioned studio one block from the beach! Restricted, limited or no lessons during the summer months.
Safety/Security Full-time receptionist at front door. Full-time building management on site during normal business hours. Background checks on all instructors. Observation windows on all private lesson rooms. Unknown
Warm-Up Room Students can warm-up and/or practice in our comfortable glass-enclosed room adjacent to the lobby. This room is also available during business hours for students to practice any time. No other studios offer this feature.
Live Performances
Two free major recitals each year, student jam nights and many more public performances each year. Some offer recitals for an additional fee.