Student & Parent

This video features parents and students talking about their positive experiences studying and playing music at Absolute Music Studios.


This video shows local music teachers, business owners and community leaders discussing the benefits of Absolute Music Studios.

Live Performance

This video shows parents and students discussing the various live music events put on by Absolute Music Studios.

It's a fantastic studio and lots of FUN. People enjoy themselves and my kids [that go there] have a good time. A lot of them are REALLY learning. I do recommend it.
-Dr. Kelly Easterling - Choral Director, Jupiter High School

Congratulations! You found it! You do not have to look any further. Absolute Music is the BEST music studio around! My daughter and I are so thankful Wolfe Guitars told us about them when we purchase our 2nd guitar from them almost 2 years ago. What she has learned is HUGE compared to her previous guitar teacher. I have sent so many people who are just as happy as we are. They also were looking for the same excellent training as well as the freedom and creativity they encourage their students to explore and grow from. And it's not just a kid thing; teens and adults go there, too. Everyone gets to show off what they have learned in the student showcases and they even offer band practice!! We absolutley love Absolute Music.
-Carlie (Student) & Mom

Before we knew of Absolute Music, my son was taking lessons elsewhere. We never lasted more than six months. Now at Absolute Music we have been going for over two years and my son still wants to go. If you or your child is interested in music, Abslolute Music is a must.
-Meg R. (Parent)

Thank you for your dedication to your students and availability to always answer our questions. Your teching style has truly helped motivate our daughter (and me).
-Errol M. (Student and parent of student)

Absolute Music is such a comfortable learning environment for students of all ages. Between my daughter and myself we've interacted with 6 different instructors. All of them have been amazing! If you're researching studios to take lessons, I guarantee you'll be extremely satisfied with what you find at Absolute Music. But, don't just take lessons, go all in and participate in the Band Sessions and Student Showcase programs as well. It will really take your (or your children's) musical abilities to the next level.
-Brent H. (Student and parent of student)

After having Absolute Music Studios do a free music seminar with my students, I highly recommend it! The staff is well spoken, personable, and flexible. They made a big impression with their bio information - having toured with easily recognized musical groups, and they even performed a couple of songs, one particularly written for that occasion. Every student was given free merchandise, valuable knowledge, and respect. All of this coupled with the fact that Absolute Music Studios is a state of the art facility, makes it an obvious choice for private music education."
Pam Varnadore - Choral Director, Dwyer High School

Experience is everything when you are efforting toward becoming a better musician. I have taken lessons from many different instructors over the last 20 years and never imagined what a difference I would discover at Absolute Music Studios. The difference is in their approach based on what each individual student is striving for. It doesn't matter what instrument you are trying to master, they have all the talent ready and willing to help you achieve your goal. My instructor's expertise has enabled me to understand music theory in such a simple way where all my other instructors could not. Fundamentals are key to anything you are trying to learn...it's what you do with those teachings that enable you expand and become something greater than the average. I am a better musician because of Absolute Music Studios. It's all about the experience!
-Brian T. (Student)

Thanks for coming in and my students and I enjoyed your seminar.
-Tammy Roggen - Band Director, Watson B. Duncan Middle School

Since I started taking guitar lessons and I have improved greatly. I really enjoy my lessons and being able to play more complex songs.
-Kevin M. (Student)

[My instructor] is a talented and very knowledgeable musician who also is a great teacher. He knows how to make learning interesting and fun. I look forward to my lesson each week and the opportunity to learn something new and exciting.
-Don C. (Student)

Absolute Music Studios is a welcome addition to the developing Northern Palm Beach Arts scene. Their experienced, proven, professional approach to teaching music will benefit eager to learn students of all ages & on all instruments & voice. As a purveyor of stringed instruments, Wolfe Guitars appreciates Absolute's attitude, dedication to the students & their fine facility. We recommend them highly to our customers.
-Jay Wolfe, Owner, Wolfe Guitars

My best friend is a student at your school and has grown musically in his time there.
-Joe D.

The relationship with Absolute has been awesome. We are very confident that when we recommend a nice studio in Jupiter, we don't have to worry about the customer ever worrying about who they take lessons from. As far as a professional setting, they are top notch. There's not a better music studio in Palm Beach County, in my opinion.
-Sean Biehl - Owner, The Music Center

[Your studio] is doing a great job teaching my wife Sheryl piano. She's really coming along. Can't wait for us to have a repertoire together.
-Joe L.

We are so happy that we found Absolute Music. To have a world class musican and instructor right nearby is a surprise and luxury !! Our son, a 13 year old who plays the bass, is improving weekly and more importantly is enthusiastic and totally looks forward to coming to his lessons.
-Susan M. (Parent)

Great performance . I now have interest in taking keyboard lessons here.
-John R. (Showcase attendee)

Thank you for coming to Florida, and thank you for teaching my son and me.
-Dave M. (Student and parent of student)

Music is awesone. Absolute Music is awesome. You're awesome. What more is there to say? Learning music from you is the awesomest thing ever.
-J.M. (Piano student)

Thank you for molding the lessons based on the things I wanted to learn. I really believe that I would not have rented the practice studio with my friends if I had not taken lessons at Absolute Music Studios. I'm looking forward to using what I learned with you in a practical context. I would recommend you to anyone that asks about music lessons and have done so in the past.
-Jeff S. (Former student)

It's great, it's wonderful. I think the studio is fantastic, the atmosphere is great, everybody that I've met has been wonderful, communication is awesome. I know that a lot of students take lessons over there and they have no complaints. Everytime the students come back, they become very knowledgable and they've learned a lot from the staff that's over there. I think it's a fantastic studio."
-Michael Larkin - Band Director, Jupiter High School